A Review of a Foot Bath

This is the time of year where many of the gifts go on shelves that normally aren’t out. Some are dumb, but I personally LOVE foot baths. They can make me feel super rejuvenated.

I bought the conair deluxe model currently at Walmart. It has foot rollers, several attachments, bubbles, jets, and a heater.

It’s features are nice, in particular the jets. The roller isn’t in my favorite spot and the vibration for massage is weak If present, but there is a bigger issue.

The heater is very wimpy. It keeps the water from going ice cold but that is about it.

Pro: the jets

Con: the heater

Overall: it’s a $30 foot bath, and the heater isn’t great. I’m not sure whether I’m taking mine back yet, from sheer hassle. I’m fairly certain I’m taking in back though. I generally like con air, but no one likes a cold foot bath


Surprise Surprise

Many of you know I grudgingly grew up in a suburb (I wanted to be much more rural) and as such my eggs growing up were from the grocery store. As a result, I barely even liked eggs. When I did eat them I wanted them covered in something else. I wanted to share what I have learned.


In the last month I have been eating a lot of eggs for multiple reasons. 1) I am on a very tight diet, that is basically 1200 or less calories while also getting most of my daily values (y’all, I am being monitored by a doctor. You don’t try that at home). Meaning, an egg a day has been a huge help for getting in the protein. 2) Our ducks have started laying and we have eggs coming out of our ears.


I have learned, and want to share with any like me who didn’t know. Farm fresh eggs are a completely different world from the eggs at the grocery store (can they even be called eggs?). Farm eggs are mouth watering. Yet, it gets better. I hadn’t tried duck eggs before either. They are amazingly good. They are just a touch creamier than a chicken egg and slightly bigger. They are rich, and delicious and somewhat better for you than the store bought counterparts. Also, duck eggs are particularly good for baking.


My foodie advice? Find some fresh farm eggs, duck if you can, and enjoy them!





A Good Outlook

I want to share because I want to keep myself hopeful and want others to be as well. I’ve cut my calories to 1200 or less, with doctor consent and been on a medication to help. I’ve barely even had time to exercise. Sorry for lack of posts about the journey it’s a side effect of school starting, but y’all, I have lost 24 pounds. This is the first time I’ve been below 300 in I don’t know how long.

A Little Help

As many of you know, I am a teacher, and what you may not know is that I work in a low income area with special needs students. I spent $500 this year so far on supplies alone. There are some things I really need for my students. Right now Donors Choose will match donations if you use the code RIPPLE, so please if you can help, it would mean so much

Click here to Help

A Breakthrough

I am writing to share something small and exciting. I have had a breakthrough. I am down approximately 16 pounds. How have I managed? I would love to say its all diet and exercise, but its not. I am realizing there is no shame in the method, its just the stigma. I have a prescription for my doctor for medicine to help. It has helped so much I have more energy to exercise, I don’t feel as hungry, and thanks to my ADHD instead of jittery I find myself able to focus, which is a nice change of pace.

I want to point out, very strongly, that I have also been exercising more, and cut down to approximately 1200 (doctor approved). We bought an exercise bike this summer, which has been very nice, but now I am trying to decide about whether or not to cancel the gym membership since I find myself there less and less now. And I’ve started walking to work when I can.

I keep getting complimented on weight coming off of me, but I can’t tell. In the past when I’ve lost weight I could tell, but I can’t now. Maybe because it is happening fairly quickly? I just wish I could be more excited about it. Maybe I am just beating myself up. I have been in a bit of a down swing in terms of my mental health, and that is just a thing for the moment. I just know I should be happier and find myself not.

Pale Lady’s Guide to the Sun

I was recently on my Facebook and saw a friend concerned because she is having to have a spot on her skin removed. I have had that happen multiple times, and as such have gotten quite good at the whole skin in the sun thing. I’ve decided to share in case there is anyone out there who could use the help.


  1. Limit Time in the Sun

I’m not saying that you should hide from the sun all the time, but when I work outside I do it in the early morning or evening. When I am in the Sun, I make sure to go in and out of the shade to prevent burning. That is one of the best things you can do.

2. Use the Right Sunscreen

All sunscreen is not created equal. I learned this the hard way when I found myself getting burned even though I knew I was putting on sunscreen as often as I was supposed to. I started switching brands. The best two that I have found are Neutrogena and Sun Bum. I came across Sun Bum because I decided that if I was getting burned I needed to think like those who lived in the Sun, surfers. When in doubt, think that way (not to mention, its better for the environment).


Image result for sun bum sunscreen

3. You aren’t Prudish for Covering Up

We get the idea that if you cover up at the beach or pool you are a prude. Not true. I had to get over that concept or else miss out on time with the family outside. What I found that I liked was an under armor or similar material shirt when I know I’m going to be in the pool awhile. Or, use a towel to cover to cover your back.

4. The Shade Counts

Yes, you can get burned in the shade and on overcast days. There is no exception for being in the shade.

5. Use Extra Protection

So,  you probably already use sunscreen, great. Hats are lifesavers, even in the water. I like baseball caps for that because they stay on and dry out well. Also, I found out from my doctor that you can get harmful UV through your eyes, particularly if you have light colored eyes, so use the sunglasses.

6. Don’t Tan

Tan skin is dying or dead skin, if its not natural. There are some folks out there who have it, and trust me, you gorgeous. If you’re naturally pale, just be pale, or whatever sun kissed shade you get. Intentional tanning causes wrinkles.

7. Last One- Don’t Wait

If you have a freckle/mole that looks a little irregular, so that might meant dark, funny shaped, or raised, go to the dermatologist early. Do not wait.


Update and Wanting to Share

This post is kind of a three for one. I want to update you guys on the health journey I’m on, and I also want to share about an app I’ve started using that has helped. Lastly, I’ve got to talk about my hair!


The weight loss journey is tough. My scale appears to be broken, for better or for worse. I have been using the food journal I use which helps, but I struggle to maintain good choices. At the very least, I’m preventing it from getting worse. I am happy to say I have been extending the length of time of my workouts. Today I was able to extend it to 40 minutes. Now I just need to be doing it more often during the week.


The app I’ve been using is called betterhelp. I get the help I need to help manage some things like anxiety. I also use an app called Calm. That one has soothing sounds, music, and stories. I highly recommend both.


Curly haired folks out there, you know how important it is to get our hair right. For those out there without, let me tell you, the cut, product, and maintenance is intense. For my type of curls I can’t brush, only comb when wet. I have to use coconut oil regularly to fight the dryness and the cut is so hard. Most stylists don’t understand shrinkish and either cut it too short or leave it too long. I’ve found that my cousin who does all hair textures from pin straight and thin to African-American type curls is a godsend. Find something similar if needed. Anyway, I recently got a nice short cut to my shoulders, with chunky layers and balayage. Sorry, I haven’t been able to get a good picture of it, but still, yay! It looks great on curls yall

Reality Check

If you’ve read the about me section it is not a secret that I am overweight. Unfortunately, it got worse than its ever been in the last few years. Why? I got my masters degree while working full time and my health got pushed even further onto a back burner. I have never been as heavy as I am right now, and with that in mind it is time for me to acknowledge the truth with a heavy heart (pun intended, hey I have to try to have some fun through this) I am three hundred pounds. I am not overweight, I am obese. I’ve known I had a problem and needed to work on it. I didn’t want to acknowledge how bad it was. Do you want to know how you know when its time?

I tried to climb into Zeus’ saddle, which I was able to, but I barely fit in his 16 inch saddle. I managed, but it was a reality check I needed. In the past I could easily squeeze into a 15 inch saddle, though I preferred a 17, still do. I am mad it got to this point, but thankful that I caught it when I did. I am young enough that I have time to do something about it. To start with I need to figure out why.

In the past it had everything to do with when I had time to work out. I never gave myself time to work out even though I am the weird person who loves working out. That hasn’t changed unfortunately now I just have even less time. Now I also have to combat something I have started since I last worked on losing weight. I have started emotion eating. I knew it was happening, but I didn’t know it was causing such an issue.

I had started working on this awhile ago, but I let life get in the way. Life includes my battle for my health, so there is no life getting in the way any longer. I made one post on this long ago, and dropped it. Not again.


The plan

I am working with a counselor to improve a few things, but how that impact this: I am working on self care, which for me is working out. I love it, it makes me feel better, and it’s what I need to do for my health.

The emotion eating has to stop. I am working on it, but the small step I’m taking is making the emotion eating be healthier. In the past what I wanted was cheese, carbs, and meat. For me, that used to mean fast food. I’m focusing on healthy swaps for now, I’ll work on eliminating later once I’m successful at swapping. I’m going to work on swapping the cheese was I was using for low fat or portion controlled. For meat I am going to try to use turkey subs or portion control, and for carbs whole grain and limited portion. Where I can avoid emotional eating at all, I will.

I’m going to try to be more consistent at tracking what I eat (I really like my fitness pal). I do it some of the time, but not as well as I’d like to. I may not be perfect, but I’m at least going to be cognizant of what I’m eating.

Last, once I get in a bit of a  rhythm I’m going to resume using gym pact. It is an app that essentially is gambling. Nothing more nothing less. You set a goal, and if you meet it you pay nothing. If you don’t, you pay whatever preset amount you chose. It worked before. I will started small and work up to more.

It’s Important Though

This blog, much like it’s subject matter, is much neglected. All the ladies out there know for sure, and I hope more men are learning to know, ignoring your self care sucks for everyone.

It is often ignored. I know my bad habit is I try to ‘save it up’ and try to conserve the self care to the least amount of time. That is just not how this works. The only thing I do right is washing and moisturizing my face, and showing regularly. Shoot, I don’t even make my doctors appointments right (bad, I know).

How do you guys do? Am I the only one who epically fails at this? Anyone have any suggestions? I know how to do great make up, I’ll post ideas at some point, when I have time to (funny, I know right?). In light of that bad habit I am headed to a local Korean bath house on Tuesday and I am so excited. It is extremely overdue. In the mean time, I have got to improve how I take care of myself. I can’t take care of a farm if I’m falling apart.