Trying Something

Taking care of myself isn’t something I’m good at and it affects my mental health. I have been working on it and getting help.

One thing we have tried recently is Hello Fresh. We have tried Blue Apron in the past. We liked it, but the cook time was just arduous. We both enjoy cooking, and trying to new food.

We tried Hello Fresh because it was supposed to be a little simpler. He is an engineer, and I am a teacher so our evening are usually hectic. They kept sending us coupons. Not having to think about it was nice. I guess it’s just such a convenience, and they choices were fairly healthy.

The first night we had Korean Beef Bibimbap. We made that first because the zucchini had a soft spot. Also we love Korean food after living near a Korean community when we first got together.



There are 1 million recipes I can make with apples. And Georgia we have many good orchards in the northern part of the state. Not to mention there in season countrywide. I like making a variety of things this time of year, but due to a work injury I try something a little easier to start with. I’m starting with applesauce this year. Be on the lookout also for apple crisp and miniature apple pie recipes as well. Also I had to have found a frittata recipe I like and have adapted it. I need to collect eggs for couple more days because I have a large order yay. So for today’s recipes super easy applesauce.

4 Apples

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup water

1 table spoon sugar (or more to test)

First peel and core apples. Next cut into quarter pieces. Take all ingredients and placed into crockpot and cook on high for four hours. At the end use a potato masher to mash it to the desired consistency. That simple, and your house will smell amazing

Surprise Surprise

Many of you know I grudgingly grew up in a suburb (I wanted to be much more rural) and as such my eggs growing up were from the grocery store. As a result, I barely even liked eggs. When I did eat them I wanted them covered in something else. I wanted to share what I have learned.


In the last month I have been eating a lot of eggs for multiple reasons. 1) I am on a very tight diet, that is basically 1200 or less calories while also getting most of my daily values (y’all, I am being monitored by a doctor. You don’t try that at home). Meaning, an egg a day has been a huge help for getting in the protein. 2) Our ducks have started laying and we have eggs coming out of our ears.


I have learned, and want to share with any like me who didn’t know. Farm fresh eggs are a completely different world from the eggs at the grocery store (can they even be called eggs?). Farm eggs are mouth watering. Yet, it gets better. I hadn’t tried duck eggs before either. They are amazingly good. They are just a touch creamier than a chicken egg and slightly bigger. They are rich, and delicious and somewhat better for you than the store bought counterparts. Also, duck eggs are particularly good for baking.


My foodie advice? Find some fresh farm eggs, duck if you can, and enjoy them!



A Little Help

As many of you know, I am a teacher, and what you may not know is that I work in a low income area with special needs students. I spent $500 this year so far on supplies alone. There are some things I really need for my students. Right now Donors Choose will match donations if you use the code RIPPLE, so please if you can help, it would mean so much

Click here to Help

A Simple Dish

I have had the in laws visiting recently and I needed to cook dinner at least some of the time. I needed to make something filling, not complicated, and I couldn’t use fish or pork. Ok. Lets go to the cabinet and see what I’ve got. Chicken breasts, but only two to feed four. That means I have to go with a comfort food to make it work. After a look at what I keep in the cabinet, here is what I came up with.


French Onion Chicken

1 small can cream of chicken (I used cream of chicken with herbs)

1 packet of french onion soup mix

2 large chicken breasts



1- Preheat the oven to 375 degrees (F)

2- Line a dish for baking (think pyrex, corningware, etc) with aluminum foil (I do this for cleaning purposes but if you prefer not to, its up to you)

3- Spoon 3-4 spoonfuls of the condensed soup in the bottom of the dish

4- Lay the breasts on top of the condensed soup, and spoon the rest of the can on top.

5- Sift the French Onion packet to separate the powder from the dried onion. Use half the powder (only half or your chicken will be extremely salty) and sprinkle over top of the chicken.

6- Bake the chicken for 30 minutes. After this time, cut them in half and spoon the soup over the chicken. Sprinkle the dried onion on top

7- Return to the oven and bake for an additional 10-15 minutes. Internal temperature of the chicken should be 165 degrees (F)


Serve with the soup/sauce in the bottom of the pan like a gravy. I served with green beans and corn to keep it healthy but it would have been good with mashed potatoes and the sauce acting as a gravy.

Eggcellent Fail

I like to try new things based on what I see or read. I decided to try a new recipe based on one in The Quick Family Cookbook. I have been trying to find ways for us to eat less meat, and try new recipes. When we were overseas we tried Scotch Eggs (although I’m highly suspicious as to whether they are Scotch. There aren’t many places there I saw them) and I decided to try a spin on it based on a recipe in the cookbook.


In short, it is boiled eggs with some form of ham and cheese, wrapped in biscuit dough. In my case it was cheddar and prosciutto we had. It wasn’t bad, but there was one very clear issue. There was SO much egg in each bite, and so much egg in general. A way this would have been a great recipes would have been if the eggs were poached, and if there hadn’t been as much egg. Not to mention, I can’t say that either I or my husband like boiled eggs to eat more than one at a time.


I mark this a fail because we didn’t like it much. It wasn’t bad, but I won’t be making it again. I like sharing the fails because I want it known that I’m so not perfect and fail plenty. Besides, its funny.