A Review of The Upside

Many people are avoiding this movie due to work issues with Kevin Hart. I am not here to say you are wrong for that, just not what I chose to do.

This movie was one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. It had notes of the cheesiness you might expect from a movie about a disability, but not overtop.

As far as the story the best part is that Hart’s character Dell has to respect to treat Cranston’s Lacasse like he would anyone else. He still checks him, is somewhat rude, and very real, which is exactly how Dell seemed to treat everyone.

To that end Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston we’re by far a high point. In particular their chemistry was great.

Nicole Kidman was solid, but the script doesn’t lend itself to her character getting very developed. She has a few nice moments, and Kidman handles them with finesse instead of milking it the way a lesser actor might.

A surprising performance was Jahi Di’Allo Winston. He played Anthony. The screen time was limited but the amount of expression he showed was excellent. This one we need to watch.


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