This blog has a hilarious name sake to me, because the whole point is that I don’t have time, and this is the most neglected of my blogs. I rarely have time. I have picked up a new hobby to neglect though.

As many of you know, I manage anxiety disorder among other things. I have had a sibling suggest for years to try doing puzzles. They explained how much it helped them. I finally tried my first puzzle a few weeks ago when Michael was out of town. I found I loved it.

I didn’t know where to start though, because I’ve never tried a puzzle that will take me weeks to finish. I decided to get a felt mat and a way to roll it up.

Going back, I would’ve also bought glue. Most frustrating thing I found was a new puzzle straight out of the box was missing a piece. I also found that I paid double what I should have by finding the same puzzle somewhere else for cheaper.

Doing the posit was great, because I kept my brain busy. I also liked that I could do it near the main part of the house, like the living room and my husband wanted to be. I liked that he could help but didn’t have to all the time. I don’t like how much space it took up. I was too nervous to try rolling it up to move it because the pieces seem like they were going to fall off so easily. I don’t like how I’m still kind of struggling to find a place to do it. In the past I can probably in the hobby room, but I like being able to be near Michael . I’m trying to decide now about whether to make the hobby room better for more than one person at a time, I think I’m definitely going to do that, or to keep doing it on my dining room table and get comfortable moving out. Or maybe both.


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