It’s Been Awhile

It has been such a long time. I can’t go into detail yet, but what I can say is that I will be writing a book about my experiences in the last few month. It will be titled Where Are The Teachers? It will be where I can be so honest in a way that I can’t while I am working there. May is approaching though, and I am blessed in so many ways that I am going to be able to take some time off. I hope I will fall in live with life again. In the mean time, I manage. Light is at the end of the tunnel, and life will become happier. More details on that to come later se well.

A Product Review Ivation Foot Spa

Anyone who has read my blog knows I have been hunting a decent foot spa.

After returning the awful Con Air I got the Ivation for Christmas. It was $80, so significantly more expensive than the conAir.

The pros

The heater actually works!

The massager moves and it’s awesome

Deep water

Toe controls

Easy to dump

The cons

Wimpy bubbles

Narrow bath- I have to hold my legs pretty close together



This has been the best home one I’ve ever had, and I would recommend, but I’m still searching for the right chair to use with it. The price point is higher, but higher quality

A Sad Stomach

I developed a stomach bug yesterday. No clue if it’s stomach flu or food poisoning, but it was bad. I was in serious danger of dehydration. I called in some family and friends for suggestion, and got through it. It worked and today I’m ok. Here’s the plan

You’ll need






Take the medicine right away, with a whole bottle of propel. Sipping slowly.

Next eat a banana, slowly. Slowly is the key to all of this. Try to get another bottle of propel down.

Wait 30-45 min, sipping on propel. Make oatmeal, a little runny. Eat very slowly.

That seems simple, but I didn’t keep anything down until I tried this. Next day, I am good to go, but dehydrated.

A Review of The Upside

Many people are avoiding this movie due to work issues with Kevin Hart. I am not here to say you are wrong for that, just not what I chose to do.

This movie was one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. It had notes of the cheesiness you might expect from a movie about a disability, but not overtop.

As far as the story the best part is that Hart’s character Dell has to respect to treat Cranston’s Lacasse like he would anyone else. He still checks him, is somewhat rude, and very real, which is exactly how Dell seemed to treat everyone.

To that end Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston we’re by far a high point. In particular their chemistry was great.

Nicole Kidman was solid, but the script doesn’t lend itself to her character getting very developed. She has a few nice moments, and Kidman handles them with finesse instead of milking it the way a lesser actor might.

A surprising performance was Jahi Di’Allo Winston. He played Anthony. The screen time was limited but the amount of expression he showed was excellent. This one we need to watch.

Trying Something

Taking care of myself isn’t something I’m good at and it affects my mental health. I have been working on it and getting help.

One thing we have tried recently is Hello Fresh. We have tried Blue Apron in the past. We liked it, but the cook time was just arduous. We both enjoy cooking, and trying to new food.

We tried Hello Fresh because it was supposed to be a little simpler. He is an engineer, and I am a teacher so our evening are usually hectic. They kept sending us coupons. Not having to think about it was nice. I guess it’s just such a convenience, and they choices were fairly healthy.

The first night we had Korean Beef Bibimbap. We made that first because the zucchini had a soft spot. Also we love Korean food after living near a Korean community when we first got together.

A Review of a Foot Bath

This is the time of year where many of the gifts go on shelves that normally aren’t out. Some are dumb, but I personally LOVE foot baths. They can make me feel super rejuvenated.

I bought the conair deluxe model currently at Walmart. It has foot rollers, several attachments, bubbles, jets, and a heater.

It’s features are nice, in particular the jets. The roller isn’t in my favorite spot and the vibration for massage is weak If present, but there is a bigger issue.

The heater is very wimpy. It keeps the water from going ice cold but that is about it.

Pro: the jets

Con: the heater

Overall: it’s a $30 foot bath, and the heater isn’t great. I’m not sure whether I’m taking mine back yet, from sheer hassle. I’m fairly certain I’m taking in back though. I generally like con air, but no one likes a cold foot bath

The Crimes of Grindelwald: A Review

I saw Crimes of Grindelwald recently, and overall gotta say, I enjoyed it for the most part. Many fans I know don’t, but keep in mind, if we want movies on the Maurauders, the Founders, or any others, these need to do well. If you set aside the “I don’t want to see this, meh” attitude there’s a lot to like.

The Good

-Visually Stunning

– A great plot. It gives real incite on how people, good people, get sucked into ideologies that in handset we portray as son evil. There is a subtle foil being played to World War Two, and it serves the movie well.

-Acting. The characters were fabulous as a general rule (I wish there had been more of Tina). The acting was stellar. Eddie Redmayne brings Newt to life in a beautiful way. He is shy, and has physical quirks that seem to come natural. He isn’t a hero type, and doesn’t magically become one. It’s how it should be.

Johnny Deppa must be mentioned because though he is problematic his acting cannot and should not be denied. He portrayed a type of villain I fear most and did so with a finesse only a veteran could bring. GG is a villain whose words make his world sound like a utopia. He can convince even the most stoic of his benevolent intents. Johnny Depp shows the conflicted nature as well as this silver tongue well.

To not speak of Jude Law would be wrong. Dumbledores screen time is limited, but man he made an impact. The self assured grin he wore, it was, for lack of better word, swagger. Dumbledore was confident and restrained. I want more.

To not mention the ladies would be wrong Zoe Kravitz acting chops continue to grow, though it a little reminiscent of her role in X men. I this this one can stand on its own though. She was the unlikely hero, with a tortured background. She carried undue guilt and didn’t know how to set it aside. The expressions Kravitz used to convey all this were beautiful. She has the line that breaks you heart, “You never met a monster you couldn’t love.” Yet, she didn’t milk it or overplay it.

Last, Allison Sudal, aka Queenie, who had such low billing it hurt. WOW. She blew it out of the water. She showed general emotion and turmoil. She was not flat, and showed both strength and weakness. She was the surprise I didn’t expect.

-Several good plot holes addressed

The Bad

Not enough Tina, or emotional range for Jacob (writers help him out)

-Flamel thrown in for no real reason

-Nagini backstory was started but not really fleshed our. Seemed kind of ransom. Maybe this will be sorted out later

– The circus felt random. Visually cool, but for no particular reason.

-Not enough French Wizardry Culture.

-I understand shifting the focus from Newt, but the lack of beasts, it makes him seem irrelevant.

The Questions: Spoiler Warning

I will fan riddle this out later, but for you to ponder

-Who is Credence?

-Who is Aurelis Dumbledore? Did he exist

-Was Queenie enchanted

-Why didn’t Jacob and Queenie immigrate to UK?

-Why did Dumbledore and Grindelwald make the promise they did? What type of magic is that?

-Who was with Corvus Lestrange when he died?

-Who is Letas half brother/ Yusuf Kama

-How does Nagini come to be with Voldemort in the future

-What does all of this mean for the fandom


This blog has a hilarious name sake to me, because the whole point is that I don’t have time, and this is the most neglected of my blogs. I rarely have time. I have picked up a new hobby to neglect though.

As many of you know, I manage anxiety disorder among other things. I have had a sibling suggest for years to try doing puzzles. They explained how much it helped them. I finally tried my first puzzle a few weeks ago when Michael was out of town. I found I loved it.

I didn’t know where to start though, because I’ve never tried a puzzle that will take me weeks to finish. I decided to get a felt mat and a way to roll it up.

Going back, I would’ve also bought glue. Most frustrating thing I found was a new puzzle straight out of the box was missing a piece. I also found that I paid double what I should have by finding the same puzzle somewhere else for cheaper.

Doing the posit was great, because I kept my brain busy. I also liked that I could do it near the main part of the house, like the living room and my husband wanted to be. I liked that he could help but didn’t have to all the time. I don’t like how much space it took up. I was too nervous to try rolling it up to move it because the pieces seem like they were going to fall off so easily. I don’t like how I’m still kind of struggling to find a place to do it. In the past I can probably in the hobby room, but I like being able to be near Michael . I’m trying to decide now about whether to make the hobby room better for more than one person at a time, I think I’m definitely going to do that, or to keep doing it on my dining room table and get comfortable moving out. Or maybe both.


There are 1 million recipes I can make with apples. And Georgia we have many good orchards in the northern part of the state. Not to mention there in season countrywide. I like making a variety of things this time of year, but due to a work injury I try something a little easier to start with. I’m starting with applesauce this year. Be on the lookout also for apple crisp and miniature apple pie recipes as well. Also I had to have found a frittata recipe I like and have adapted it. I need to collect eggs for couple more days because I have a large order yay. So for today’s recipes super easy applesauce.

4 Apples

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup water

1 table spoon sugar (or more to test)

First peel and core apples. Next cut into quarter pieces. Take all ingredients and placed into crockpot and cook on high for four hours. At the end use a potato masher to mash it to the desired consistency. That simple, and your house will smell amazing

The Hunger Games

Few know of the real life Hunger Games that occur every October. They are done in private, and they are brutal. The victors (because in this version there are more than one) loudly tout their success, while the losers go forth in shame and panic as they try to find an alternative route.

Okay, that last line may have been a bit dramatic, but it is true. DragonCon is a huge conventions (think 80,000 people) that happens each year in Atlanta. It spans across several hotels and pours into the city streets.

The hotels directly involved in the convention include: Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Hyatt Regency, Hilton Atlanta, Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, and the Westin Peachtree Plaza. That list seems extensive but there are thousands every year who make sure of Hotel Indigo, The Omni, Air BnB, and various other downtown hotels. Each of the host hotels have their own quirks and awesomeness.

Marriott- The center of everything. It is sandwiched between the Hyatt and the Hilton, specifically useful when you think of the skywalks (sidewalk bridges between hotels above street level). This is also a major spot to watch for amazing cosplays, and the night life here is always huge. It is surprisingly quiet once you get up higher though. The pro is that you are in the center of everything, and if you are like me (managing anxiety and a few other things) the ability to go up to your for a short span without it becoming a huge out of the way ordeal is extremely valuable. The downside is that you are definitely sharing elevators with people who aren’t staying there. It can be annoying, but still one of the best elevator situations I’ve had at con.

Hyatt- The Hyatt is a bit funny, almost mirage like at times. I know events happen there, but I can’t think of a single one I’ve ever gone to. I know I cross through it often, but I can’t think of a time I’ve spent a significant length of time there. The inside is gorgeous, and I will be honest I have never stayed there. It is a spot that you can see some good cosplay, but not to the Marriott level. Being that it is part of the skywalk set, it definitely has some solid nightlife. Veterans know this, but newbies here’s your heads up. It is nearly impossible to get in the Hyatt because they do Legacy vouchers. If you must stay here, your best bet is the look through the DragonCon rooms facebook group.

Hilton- This is the last of the big three as I think of them and this is the one I’d love to stay in. The Hilton doesn’t have the same look of grandeur as the Hyatt and the Marriott, however it does have one of my favorite spots at the whole con. The back part of the Hilton has a rooftop/patio type area. Many of the photo shoots happen here. There is music, bars, and food all right there. I love it because it is great people watching, a change to see fresh air, and it usually not too crowded. I went to quite a few panels there this past year. The trick is, Hilton does Legacy too. Or did. there is some confusion currently because there was a recent purchase of hotels. I believe it affects some of the other hotels. Anyway, I’d love to get in here, but it is a tough sale.

Sheraton- Many people love this one because it is where badge pick up is located. Its also been home to some of the great events in the last several years. I haven’t been to a single event there in 3 years of attending, despite being interested some.The pool parties for example. Most of the other hotels close theirs during the Con. There’s also the DragonCon Burlesque, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Why not attend? It is down the hill, and fairly far away from the rest of the conference. That isn’t enough to deter many though, because it has been a legacy up until this year and had no trouble staying booked.

Westin- I have stayed in the Westin multiple times and the thing is, its not that great. The view is awesome, but I had the worst experience out of any host hotel with staff, and elevators. There was very little I was interested in when we stayed there, though several of the movie rooms are there and their offerings this year (we didn’t stay there this year) seemed better than in previous years. They have the best view hands down, and what advantage they do have is being on the edge they have access to some of the restaurants downtown that are just far enough away the Con Crowd doesn’t make them impossible. Our favorite is right next door, Meehans. Also, this hotel is one of the easier ones to get into. They release blocks throughout the year, even relatively close to the con. Pretty nice.


So, in conclusion, I won the Hunger Games for a second year in a row. We will be staying at the Mariott again, though if I ever find a way to weasel into the Hilton, I’m on it. How I win the Hunger Game is a trademarked (not really) secret. May the odds be ever in your favor.